Ajmer Pushkar Lake

Pushkar town is surrounded with mountains from 3 Sides and has a Glourious past in History of Being the Place of Lord Brahma.

Distance from Ajmer to pushkar is easily covered in 30 Minutes by taxi or Buses which are operated on regularly basis throughout the day.

Pushkar lake is situated in the middle of the town and whole the town is mostly located around the lake. According to the Myths Lord brahma Himself created this lake as he was passing through the Earth on his routine. The lake has 52 Dirent gates to enter Made by Difrent Kings of that times in Memory of their visit to Pushkar. All the people visiting to Pushkar Visit and take bath in the holy Lake. There is a huge fair Every year in the month of October Where More then Million People Take bath in the holy lake During the 5Days long Ceremony.. The Festival is also known as cattle fair or the Pushkar fair



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